Reports on over 125,000 local companies, and national soliciting organizations are in our system or online. This report will let you know how long the company has been in business, what they do, and if they have responded to customer complaints or inquiries from the BBB. Phone Consumer HelpLine at (858) 496-2131 or request that reports be mailed or faxed to you, or you can obtain them online.


"The vision of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is that it be highly respected by the community as the unified voice of business, that businesses in Carlsbad perceive membership in the Chamber as an investment in their continued success, and that it enhances the community it represents."

5934 Priestly Dr Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 931-8400 phone
(760) 931-9153 fax

* Carlsbad British Motorcars is proud to announce "25 miles free towing" when you use our partner, S & R Towing, for your break-down repair * (Free towing special only on repairs over $500 if repair done in our workshop and is a one time use per customer - one vehile per customer is only allowed 

S & R Towing is a trusted parnter with 24 hour recovery service.  They will flat bed your vehicle to our facility or store it in their secured yard until your vehicle is ready to be received.  760-722-6686

The San Diego Jaguar Club was formed in 1959 and has a current membership of 180. They have many and varied competitive, technical, and social events on tap for lovers of this fine marque. Their members own everything from old classics all the way up to present day Jaguars.  Check out their newletters and upcoming events!!  Have fun!!

The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club was founded in May of 1951. The Club has always welcomed Bentleys and their owners and it should be noted that we are the only club to welcome all eras of Rolls-Royce & Bentley motorcars. Membership is now over 9,000 members worldwide.

Is it possible to drive more miles, burn less gas and get more bang for your fuel buck all at once? Yes! If you could squeeze 10 to 20 percent more savings from every gas dollar, wouldn't you rather put it back in your pocket than back in your gas tank?  Castrol is the only oil we use or recommend.  Go to our "Tech Tips" page and find out why.

Consumer Assistance Our toll-free telephone line is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Automated services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consumer service representatives can answer consumer and licensee questions, assist in the filing of complaints, mail helpful publications and refer callers to the appropriate government or private agency for more assistance.

Call the Consumer Information Center at: (800) 952-5210


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Consumer Information Division
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