Whether you own or lease your vehicle, you can trust your vehicle to Carlsbad British Motorcars. We will perform all scheduled services on every new warranted vehicle. In addition we will perform all regular maintenance and major repairs from the very early carburetor models up to the latest direct fuel Injected models.

We excel on electrical troubleshooting, air conditioning, antilock brakes (abs/tc), fuel injection systems, suspension systems, Transmission systems, differential systems and major engine repairs. Carlsbad British Motorcars commence complete partial engine re-builds and reconditioning for classic and competition cars from the early vehicle's to the most custom required performance vehicle's wanted by customers. 




Bringing your vehicle into any repair facility can be daunting at best and being educated can be your best defense. Here are some important tips for you to remember when having your vehicle repaired:

  1. EXPLAIN:  Make sure you are specific when explaining the repair issues or maintenance needed on your vehicle.

  2. SIGN:  Review and sign the work order. Make sure a dollar amount for the repair is included on your estimate.

  3. ESIMATE:  Do not leave without a copy of the estimate in hand.

  4. OEM PARTS:  Make sure the repair facility uses OEM or approved replacement parts on your vehicle and that they show you all the old parts removed from your vehicle when the repair is completed.

  5. AFTERMARKET PARTS:  NEVER use after-market parts. These parts are usually cheaply made and do not fit properly.  Most times these type of  parts could cause additional repairs and safety issues  Do your repairs one time and save money and heartache by using OE parts.

  6. DIAGNOSIS:  Make sure the repair facility can prove the repair is needed buy showing and or explaining the issue. Additionally, if the repair is costly or suspect, ask to see the print outs from the diagnostic unit used, showing all fault codes pertaining to the complaint. (THE FACTORY DIAGNOSTIC UNITS, (JDS, WDS, PDU AND/OR THE IDS and now the SDD) ARE THE ONLY APPROVED DIAGNOSTIC UNITS THAT CAN Diagnose ALL FAULTS.

  7. SECOND OPINION:  Never hesitate to get a second opinion when it comes to costly repairs.  Do not feel obligated once your vehicle is in a repair shop to leave it there. 

  8. WARRANTY:  Always make sure when picking up your vehicle, if a warranty is offered, on your repair, you ask and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty and that it is written somewhere on your final receipt. 

  9. HELP:  Never hesitate to contact the local office of the Bureau of Automotive Repair for assistance.