Type One Restoration:

Type One is a cosmetic clean up on a good, clean original car. It includes new paint (exterior + door jambs) replacement of all body rubber, partial refurbish of the interior (new seat material and new carpets) and necessary mechanical repairs as well as some rebuilding. A rusty or damaged car can increase costs substantially as can a number of missing parts.

Approximate Cost: $15,000 to $30,000


Type Two Restoration:

Type Two is a "street restoration". It includes Type One restoration plus a Complete interior overhaul, Re-chrome, of all exterior parts, Engine overhaul, Some mechanical repairs, New exhaust and wheels overhauled as required. Again, heavy rust, body damage and missing parts can significantly increase the cost. This car be a respectable entrant into any car show. As this car might be driven occasionally, items such as suspension and undercarriage won't receive concourse-level plating and polishing.

Approximate Cost: $30,000 to $60,000


Type Three Restoration:

Type Three restorations are all inclusive! A complete frame-off project that comes as close to 100 point as possible. A fierce competitor at any concourse. Every mechanical component, including the entire driveline, suspension, brakes, instruments, etc. would either be rebuilt or replaced down to the last lock washer and split pin. All components are either replaced or repainted, powder coated or re-chromed. All interior trim is replaced. The engine compartment, suspension, undercarriage and trunk receive the same attention to detail.

Approximate Cost: $60,000 $100,000+