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Suspension Repairs and Tire Maintenance:


Most of us are so concerned with the maintenance of our engines that we forget our suspensions, alignments and tires.

As we have all experienced,  driving on our city streets is often times like "off roading", not to mention the drainage dips!  These type of circumstances can stress your suspension, including, ball joints, Shocks/struts, control arm bushings and other front end damage.  In addition to these issues, we have seen in severe cases, cracked frame supports and front sub frames.

All this damage can lead to numerous repairs including unseen tire wear.  Make sure you have your tires and suspension inspected during your routine oil changes and maintenance.  Once on a lift, your technician should be able to diagnose any damage or future repairs.



Proper adjustment affects safety, handling, and economy as well as proper inflation.  An important part of vehicle safety is directional control. Does the vehicle travel straight down a highway? Does it steer easily? Are the tires subject to excessive premature wear? Does the steering wheel return to the straight ahead position after turning a corner?


The single greatest cause of tire damage is improper inflation. Your tires loose pressure over time, which causes unnecessary stress, early and irregular tread wear and poor gas mileage. Plus, tires can't deliver their best performance without the right air pressure.  Ideally you should have your tires rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles – and more frequently if you do most of your driving around town or if you own a front-wheel drive car.

  • For accuracy, check your air pressure with a tire gauge when tires are cold. Driving heats up tires and makes the reading incorrect.

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Change the oil, have the coolant tested/ flushed refilled if necessary, have the transmission fluid checked and either changed or topped off and top off all other fluid levels. Have the front suspension components inspected for wear and replaced if necessary and an alignment performed even if no repairs are necessary, have the front and rear brakes inspected and replaced as needed, replace the tires if the tread is less than 5/32 deep in non snow areas, install new snow tires in snow locations. For that matter have these inspections and services performed at least once every other year ( transmission flush every 50 K ) and check your tire pressure at least once a month

August 31, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJasmine

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