Upholstery Services:


Does you headliner look like this?  Is your sunroof coming apart and give you wind noise?  Are your seats ripped from wear and tear?  Do you just need a simple facelift or do you need a complete restoration?


- Recover Headliners

- Recover Arm Rests and Center Consoles

- Repair/ Replace Seat Tracks

- Leather Installation

- Cloth Installation

- OEM Replacement

- Custom Exotic Interiors

- Seat Repairs

- Seat Insert Replacement

- Carpet Replacement

- Electric Window Repair

- Weather Strip Replacement




- New Car Installation

- Power Sunroof

- Manual Pop-up Sunroof

- Repairs for All Makes and Models



Convertible Tops

- Repair/ replace convertible tops

- Repair/ replace convertible rear windows

- Repair/ replace convertible headliners

- Check water leaks

- Replace Weather Strip

- Replace latches, motors, cylinders, hydraulic lines, etc. in most vehicles

- Is your top slashed? We work with your insurance company to get it replaced!



Please contact us for more information and pricing, 760-434-2485.